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They are natural and allergen-free. Our formulas are developed for the most fragile and sensitive skins.

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Clean Commitment

At Skinhaptics, we did not wait for the term “Clean” to make its appearance in cosmetics to develop 100% clean formulas.

Because the baby’s skin is extremely porous and sensitive, that of the pregnant or lactating woman must be protected and fed with the utmost vigilance, the choice of a safe and simplified cosmetic was obvious from the outset.

If each brand has its own definition of natural cosmetics, Skinhaptics is distinguished by an approach favoring the natural without excluding the good chemistry, necessary in some galenics to obtain safety and high tolerance performance.

We always favor the natural, which is why most of our products are composed of 80% to 100% of ingredients of natural origin including organic ingredients (30% to 78% – Cosmos certification)


We exclude all suspected, controversial or that we consider undesirable ingredients, endocrine disruptors, PEG, mineral oil, sulfate, allergens – well beyond the regulatory list in force

Our fragrance is natural, 100% clean, allergen-fr ee, and does not disturb the sense of smell of the pregnant woman and that of the baby with her mother. No food worries for the child.

Our textures are 100% pleasure. They have been worked to facilitate and multiply the effects of massages on the skin.

Our products are vegan – Our formulas are tested on sensitive skin under dermatological control.