SKINHAPTICS offers natural, allergen-free cosmetics for sensitive and atopic skins.
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Natural, allergen-free

Recommended by the Observatory of Cosmetics (Guide 2017 of the best cosmetics for babies, young children and pregnant women)


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0 – 26.40 lb (12 kg), in cotton, Label OEKO-TEX 100®.

The creation of the baby carrier from Skinhaptics is the fruit of the professional meeting between Sandrine (biochemist and director of Skinhaptics, specializing in the development of natural cosmetics for children, mums-to-be) and Katixa (baby carrier trainer, massages of baby and pregnant woman). Their expertises in the perinatal world are recognized in France and abroad.

This baby carrier is ideal for:

– The skin to skin at the maternity with mom, dad.

– Breastfeed with discretion.

– Walks with mom, dad.

Recommended in maternity wards.

Made in France.

Our prescribers :

  • Maternity hospitals, clinics
  • Pediatricians, gynecologists, midwives, nurses
  • Dermatologists, physiotherapists
  • Spa managers, massotherapists
  • Massage practicioners for baby, child, pregnant women

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Come and discover the history of our brand. A journey combining respect for the body and the application of the sciences in order to regain absolute well-being.

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