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Haptic comes from the Greek “aptomai” which means “I touch”. Haptics encompasses the touch and the perception of the body in the environment. Touch is the first sense developed in utero.


SKINHAPTICS is a hand that touches, soothes, accompanies a lifetime. 
It is a maternal odyssey that begins under the skin and continues on the skin.

For more than 10 years, SKINHAPTICS has been supporting future mothers, their baby, the whole family, as well as all professionals around motherhood and massage.

We formulate green and clean skincare, and design unique massage protocols, for a catch 
in overall hand of the emotional well-being of young and old.

« It is urgent to put the touch back on at the heart of our lives and those that beat within us. »


Sandrine Dahan, biochemist, member of the Cosmetic Valley, SPA-A Association, the French Society of Cosmetology and FEBEA.



” I wanted to share the good news with you as well. Following my operation on August 25th, the result of the analysis showed that there were no cancer cells left. Future radiotherapy is preventive. I am very proud of my fight.
Your products have helped me and help me on a daily basis for the care of my skin. ”

Dorothée D., October 2021

“I had the immense happiness and privilege of following the training in massage children on 3 days of SKINHAPTICS.
A training well beyond my expectations, the content is rich and complete. Humans are at the very heart of this transmission.

We put into practice from the 1st day the massages on children accompanied by their parents, wonderful memories, a naturalness and a spontaneity that emanate from these little tips.
I was able to test the SKINHAPTICS massage oil, a wonder!! A subtle sweet scent that the kids enjoyed a lot too!

A huge thank you to Dorothée, a trainer filled with sweetness, attention and benevolent advice.

A deep thank you to Sandrine, founder of SKINHAPTICS, for her availability, the creation of her natural range of cosmetics respectful of sensitive skin of moms, babies and children, her benevolence and responsiveness!
Rare encounters that leave me a sweet imprint of unforgettable happiness.
Thank you!”

Isabelle P., Deux mains sur bébé, formation en massage enfant,
novembre 2019

“I would like to share with you my enthusiasm for the prenatal massage training underway with Katixa.
I am delighted, Katixa is truly a beautiful person and her teaching is generous and quality.”

Amandine M., Formation massage prénatal, octobre 2020

“I wanted to tell you that the post-natal massage training was wonderful. Katixa has again transmitted wonders to us both on the professional and personal side.”

Judith M., Formation en massage postnatal, janvier 2021

” I wanted to give you a very positive feedback on the baby massage training of the last 3 days. I am very satisfied with this training which totally met my expectations and even beyond..
Dorothée is a very welcoming trainer, pedagogue and very attentive which made the training very pleasant.
A very rich, complete training where you go out with all the knowledge to lead baby massage workshops individually or collectively.
I want to thank you for your kindness and your massage oil is just amazing!
Indeed I use it for several months on my daughters as well as the shower gel and it is always a pleasure.”

Leïla C., Formation massage bébé, mai 2021

“Thank you and Dorothée for this prenatal massage training. It was a revelation for me and I can’t wait to practice.”

Cynthia V., Formation massage prénatal, février 2021

“Your products are great. They were recommended to me as part of my follow-up (breast cancer) and to get through the difficult phase of chemotherapy.
I promote it a lot because my skin has been well hydrated without aggression.
I spoke about it to patients as well as to the Capeline Institute in Saint-Cloud which follows me as part of my hair prosthesis and for hair regrowth. I had no itching on my head thanks to your shower gel.”

Dorothee D., August 2021

“Thanks to @skinhaptics_paris for these products that are just magical.”

Emmanuelle B., Juillet 2021

“I wanted to thank you for the quality of the training that I followed with Katixa, she is solar and really in sharing, each time the group was really great and we stay in touch and we encourage each other in the launch of our activities respective.
I am happy to have chosen Skinhaptics for these trainings.
I have started seeing clients and would like to order your oils for work.”

Julia M., juillet 2021