This trio of products can be used from the maternity ward or offered as a birth gift: ultra easy to use baby carrier scarf, shower gel, massage oil. These products are recommended in maternity ward, made in France.

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Shower gel: pump bottle 13.5 FL.OZ. Massage Oil: bottle 3.39 FL.OZ. Baby carrier scarf: 95% cotton, 5% elastane, oeko-tex.



It includes: shower gel, massage oil, baby carrier scarf.

The Baby carrier of Skinhaptics

Since the dawn of time, baby carriers have been used to transport, protect and comfort babies. Every culture in the world has its way of carrying.
The comfort of a baby wrap without the knot! No more complicated scarves to tie, bulky and too long.
This baby carrier has all the benefits of the wrap, without the constraint of learning to tie it properly and safely. Storage is done in the blink of an eye! With its nice pocket it will find its place in your purse.
Finally a comfortable baby carrier for the baby and for its parents!
The weight of baby is spread over the entire surface of the fabric in contact with your back, to ensure maximum comfort. The fabric we have selected for the making of this baby carrier is super soft, a real cocoon to accommodate your baby from birth! Cotton standard Oeko-Tex 100, baby can put it in his mouth without any risk for his health.
What is physiological carrying?
It is the only suitable position for your little one, and the only one that gives him a real feeling of safety. Baby has spent 9 months in the warmth of your womb, wrapped, held, lulled by your movements and the beating of your heart. Squatting is therefore the optimal posture for your baby: knees higher than the buttocks and the thighs slightly apart, so the baby is in his natural position. As months go baby can spread his legs more and more, to finally position himself in maximum hip opening around 4 months.
Carrying your baby will be your best ally to:
– Allow skin to skin contact between parent and child from the maternity ward.
– Soothe the crying baby, improve his sleep (proximity is the best way to reassure your baby and give him the comfort he needs to calm down)
– Alleviate colic (belly against belly, your baby will be naturally massaged and warmed up. In a physiological position baby will evacuate much more easily all the painful gases that cause him to suffer so much)
– Breastfeed without effort and in all discretion (just take off one flap and switch your baby to the side to support him without straining your arms)
– Provide an emotional balance and help his sensory development by accompanying you in your daily tasks and movements.
– Propose a gentle and gradual transition to your child between the warm and reassuring womb in which he has developed for 9 months, and this new world that he will discover and tame month after month, thanks to you!

User manual
Baby facing you:
From 0 to 3 month:
At this stage of development, to feel safe, your baby needs to feel “contained”. He must be held at the head and pelvis in a tucked position reminiscent of the fetal position.
From 3 months to 12 kg:
Baby can now be placed in a frog position, feet outside of the baby carrier. He must always be held at the head and pelvis.
Put on both flaps and place your baby in the baby carrier, either tucked (0-3 months) or with his legs spread in a frog position.

On the hip:
The position baby facing the world is not satisfactory (overstimulation, baby’s inability to protect himself, non-physiological position and therefore uncomfortable), you can just put your baby on the hip to satisfy his curiosity and desire to discover the world!
Put on one flap, place your baby in it directly on your hip and flip it. Your baby will be kept safe and can look around or hide against you! The fabric will support the weight of your baby, making you feel more comfortable. Beware, this asymmetrical way of carrying is better kept as a temporary option because the weight of your baby will rest only on one shoulder. While very practical for a quick trip outside, we do not recommend to hold your baby only in this position.

This baby carrier will be your best ally for a peaceful breastfeeding. Take off one of the flaps and just position your baby in the remaining one, and you’re done! Baby is supported by the fabric and kept away from prying eyes.


For baby, child, pregnant woman, atopic skin

With Cotton and Organic Plum oils

The shower gel has a very fine foam, its texture is creamy and delicately perfumed. Enriched with vegetable oils of cotton and plum, the skin and hair are soft and nourished.

Ideal for fragile and sensitive skin.

Its use :

Suitable for all skin types. Body and hair. Provides comfort for atopic skin.

Application advice:

Place few drops in the palm of the hand then apply on the body and wet hair. Rinse.

Hypoallergenic * Tested under dermatological control

* Formulated and tested to minimize allergy risks

Pump bottle 400 ml, BPA-free. Price: 22,00 € tax incl.

Made in France


For baby, child, pregnant woman, atopic skin

With Cotton, Organic Plum and Sunflower Oils

The massage oil is 100% natural, allergen-free, and without worries food for the baby.

Its precious mixture of vegetable oils: cotton, plum, sunflower, is enriched with vitamin E. Obtained by cold pressure, these oils are known for their nutritive and moisturizing properties. Its texture is soft and silky.

The skin is nourished and delicately scented.

Its use :

Massage of baby, of child, of pregnant woman,

Moisturizing of very dry skin

Hydration of milk crusts on the infant’s scalp

Provides comfort for atopic skin

In prevention of stretch marks of pregnant women

Application advice:

Place few drops in the palm of your hand. Massage the arms, legs, hands, feet, bust.


Place a drop of massage oil in your bath or baby’s bath in order to perfume it and obtain a soft and silky skin.

Hypoallergenic *, tested under dermatological control

* Formulated and tested to minimize allergy risks.

Bottle 100 ml, BPA-free. Price: 22,90 € tax incl.

Made in France

Additional information

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